A look at famous Arsenal supporters

Arsenal takes on Wigan at 3 p.m. Monday, and there might be a famous person or two interested in the match at Emirates Stadium. Yes, the North London club boasts quite a few notable supporters -- many of whom are chronicled on sites such as HeavenSports.com.

But let's get a little visual and audio evidence of a few of those celebrity Gunners:

Spike Lee

When he's not loving his Knicks, the New Yorker has been known to salute Arsenal from time to time.

Gisele Bundchen

Mrs. Tom Brady might not be an enormous Arsenal fan, but we'll ignore that linked interview and just take note of the irrefutable photographic evidence (also pictured: a certain Thierry Henry, whom Lee said won him over).

Matt Damon

You wouldn't quite know it to look at this photo, which shows Damon watching Arsenal and Chelsea on the latter's home ground, but the prominent actor once took his football feelings to a charity auction, creating artwork that shouts "Go Arsenal" while also declaring "Tottenham Sucks..."

Idris Elba

Stringer Bell from "The Wire" (and a player in the upcoming film "Prometheus"), this Londoner is none-too-shy about loving Arsenal.

Piers Morgan

The video explains it all.

Queen Elizabeth II

Supposedly she won't say it out loud. But here's a picture of her meeting with manager Arsene Wenger ... and there are whispers that The Queen herself -- not to mention Prince Harry -- is a Gunner.