Illustrating soccer season's top moments

Last year Englishman Richard Swarbrick burst onto the soccer (football over there) scene with some fascinating animations, ones that illustrated the year's best moments and goals.

And he hasn't stopped creating. The Tottenham Hotspur supporter (known as @RikkiLeaks on Twitter) still offers his unique interpretations of soccer's momentous occasions, and has shared five of them -- plus commentary -- with Playbook Visuals.

Check out his website for all of 2011-12's to-date. And you never know what's coming; there's still a Premier League weekend and a Champions League final in the offing...

Maicon's goal, Inter Milan vs. AC Milan

"Bang! A great goal to end a great Milan derby. This game was everything I love about Italian football."

Chelsea celebrates FA Cup win

"Along with Petr Cech's save this was the iconic image of the cup final for me. Chelsea's old guard -- [Dider] Drogba, [Frank] Lampard, [John] Terry and Co., all but written off earlier in the season, lifting the Cup together."

Theo Walcott's double, Arsenal vs. Tottenham

As a Spurs fan it was hard to paint this moment which transpired to be the turning point in the season for both teams. At 2-0 up Spurs were effectively 13 points clear of Arsenal but they allowed the game, and their hopes of finishing above their North London rivals (Arsenal), to slip away from them.

Mario Balotelli's shirt message

"Balotelli. Everyone's favorite bad boy. I just love his sense of humor, particularly when it comes to his ironic T-shirt messages. This one, however, was simply a declaration of love to his girlfriend Raffaella, as he celebrated his opening goal against Blackburn Rovers."

Yaya Toure's goal vs. Newcastle

"It took 70 minutes to break the deadlock but this great finish from Yaya put Manchester City in pole position to win the title and severely dented Newcastle's hopes of qualifying for the Champions League."