Behind the Roy Halladay bobblehead pic

Early Thursday, this picture began spreading:

Yes, that's a Roy Halladay bobblehead -- with the glove on the throwing hand. It was posted on MLB.com's shop, a link that has since been taken down.

But no, you could not actually buy the mistaken bobblehead, according to Matthew Katz, Licensing Manager at Forever Collectibles -- one of MLB's chief bobblehead makers and the creator of their Halladay item.

"What happened was we got an incorrect sample from our factory," Katz said by phone Thursday afternoon, "we shot the photo, it got uploaded by accident, but we actually caught it before we went to production. So the actual bobblehead that was made was never made like that. ... It's just that the photos online were incorrect, and nobody caught it until now."

This is the real one -- and it's actually a bobblehead that was made a year ago:

For Katz and Co. -- whose team produces all sorts of memorabilia for various sports organizations -- it was a bit of a whirlwind afternoon, filled with phone calls and emails. But in the end, no collectors were harmed in the mistaken posting of this photo.

"[We produce] thousands of different products every year. ... Mistakes come through, we catch them, and unfortunately this one just got sent out. But we did fix it before it went to production, and got everything straightened out."