'Hoosiers Revisited': An Indiana man's film

Coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) stands with his boys from Hickory High School in "Hoosiers." MGM

"Hoosiers," that classic 1986 movie, wasn't just set in small-town Indiana. It was shot there. So Hoosier State native Michael Watson decided to try something: to find the film's original locations, and splice them together with the film's footage.

He succeeded. In an 18 1/2-minute YouTube movie called "Hoosiers Revisited," Watson -- who watched the original four or five times in a week to prepare, according to The Indianapolis Star -- juxtaposes shots in the film to the current look of those same places, often fading the film's characters in and out of his own scenes.

And one thing it shows, above all: Not a lot has changed in those original locations, from the rural areas of Indiana to The Historic Hoosier Gym in Knightstown (which sat in for Hickory High) to Butler University's Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Below are some stills from Watson. You can view the whole film here.