A chat with SportsCenter's Top Play-maker

That catch. "The Catch," as it's known in certain parts of Washington. It preserved a win for Lower Columbia College in the NWAACC tournament. Entering Tuesday, it was still No. 1 on SportsCenter in the daily "Best of the Best" voting. And it was made by Derrick Salberg, a freshman whose team went on to take third in said tourney.

We caught up with Salberg by phone late Monday, still amid much hoopla, to talk about everything that's happened since the grab became a TV and viral hit.

How has it been since you made that catch?

"It's just been great. Everybody's been sending me messages for it, congratulating me, saying how proud they are with what I've done."

I'd imagine that goes beyond people at the baseball tournament...

"Yeah, all over the states and people from other countries have been [messaging] me on Facebook, saying they saw it and how good of a catch it was."

Has anything in particular stood out about the response?

"Just how everyone congratulates me. They've never even met me and they come up to me like they've known me my whole life."

Have you been following the clip on SportsCenter?

"Yeah, I have. And a lot of my friends have been recording it and keeping me updated, too."

Have you done anything -- anything at all -- similar to that catch?

"No, never anything like that. I've made diving catches in a cap before, but nothing coming close to this. ... This was my first home run I robbed."

Talk about your baseball career to this point.

"I've been playing since I was about 5, here in my hometown Longview. And I went to Kelso (Wash.) High School (adjacent to Longview) and played there all four years. And I didn't really get any offers from any other schools, so I just stayed home and played here for coach [Kelly] Smith. ... And I'm hoping to go D-I -- or anywhere, really -- after next year."