Photo contest: Win 'Goon' DVD or Blu-ray!

AP Photo

"Goon" -- starring Seann William Scott (above), co-written by co-star Jay Baruchel, and inspired by Doug Smith -- is all but a lock for Best Hockey Picture of the Year, Cinema Category.

But what's the Best Hockey Picture of the Year, NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Category?

That's what we want you to tell us. The prize if you do so successfully: A "Goon" DVD or Blu-ray.

Here's how it works: Find a photo on ESPN.com from this year's playoffs; most are available on each individual game's page. Then send the link -- only one photo per person -- to bypatrickdorsey@gmail.com, by 5 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, May 31.

That's it. We will choose the top five, with Nos. 1-3 getting a Blu-ray and 4 and 5 a DVD. If two people send in the same photo, tie goes to the first to submit (but we will notify you if your pic has already been picked).

Winning photos, plus honorable mentions, will be posted in a gallery on Friday.

See here for official rules, and happy hunting!