Yearbook, June 3: Sosa's infamous bat

AP Photo/Steve Matteo

June 3, 2003: On this day nine years ago, Sammy Sosa's bat shattered like so. Soon after, umpires inspected the shards ... only to find cork among the wood.

This made a bit of news.

"I use that bat for batting practice," Sosa said at the time, after being ejected from the game. "It's something that I take the blame for. It's a mistake, I know that. I feel sorry. I just apologize to everybody that are embarrassed."

Sosa received a seven-game suspension, but little more (aside from whispers). Meanwhile, in 2010 the barrel was found to be in the possession of former Chicago Cubs reliever Mike Remlinger, who put it up for auction; it reportedly brought in more than $14,000 from Harry Caray's Restaurant Group CEO Grant DePorter.