Twitter does good job, shows good effort

At least one of their fans was happy with Shane Battier and the Heat's effort on Tuesday. J. Meric/Getty Images

He (we're assuming) was just trying to cheer up the Miami Heat after their loss to the Boston Celtics.

Instead, a young kid shouting "good job, good effort" -- repeatedly and loudly, so ESPN's microphones could hear -- turned into an Internet sensation, spawning everything from a parody account to a t-shirt to an Internet meme contest featuring posts we couldn't possibly show you.

But we can show you all of this...

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Social media's good job, good effort

Storified by Patrick Dorsey · Wed, Jun 06 2012 14:26:17

From the parody account (@GoodJobKid):Come on Heat! I made this for @KingJames and @DwyaneWade, you guys are hustle champs to me! http://pic.twitter.com/jIqqjeRbGood Job KidFrom the world of Photoshop:You know I had to weigh in on this #GoodJobGoodEffort http://twitpic.com/9tf4agMike BrenkusGood job. Good effort. #Celtics http://pic.twitter.com/VT2YvsfLToucher and Rich#GoodJobGoodEffort http://pic.twitter.com/Fn8kHZNaRoger DornFrom athletes past and present (the last one with an assist from the blog Got 'Em Coach):Who else hears the lil kid saying "Good Job" "Good Effort" lolTobias HarrisTell the lady that was screaming "Good effort, good job" in the miami tunnel to shut up ...no moral wins, we wanted the DUB!!!!!!!!Mike BradleyLil kid voice.. "Good job, good effort, good job, good effort, good job, good job, good effort."Patrick PattersonDid any1 hear the kid yelling @ the #heat after they loss: "Good Job, Good Effort": This is cold but funny!!! #Playoffs http://twitpic.com/9tf07fJay WilliamsFrom that impromptu meme contest:RT @PeterBurnsRadio: #GoodJobGoodEffort -----> http://yfrog.com/ocx1znpJeff RhodesAnd so the meme begins #GoodJobGoodEffort - http://pic.twitter.com/Or7G4X8CJeff SeemannOk, let's get the ball rolling....Ali encourages Liston #GoodJobGoodEffort http://pic.twitter.com/gVPHdBnBPension Plan Puppets...and the shirt:i'll take three RT @polkpanther No seriously, how much money could I make off this? http://pic.twitter.com/oAHJPloiRiver Brandon

Playbook editor Dave Wilson did a good job in helping out with this piece.