How James Harden became a building

Courtesy of the Ketch Design Centre

Ronnie Ketch and friends were at an Oklahoma City Thunder watch party Monday. And Ketch, owner of the Ketch Design Centre in OKC, said something a little strange to his friends:

"I said, 'Hey,'" Ketch told Playbook on Wednesday night, "'we ought to put a 20-foot beard on our building tomorrow.'"

Then James Harden, the source of the beard-spiration, hit a dagger of a 3-pointer to seal the win -- one that eventually led to the Thunder's first trip to the NBA Finals since moving from Seattle.

"And I go, 'It's done,'" Ketch said. "'We're going to do it.'"

As you can probably guess by that photo, the 45-year-old OKC native and his friends did it. Apparently that's what happens when your building houses your own interior design company, and your neighbors include construction and carpet businesses.

It started with just the beard -- made of black AstroTurf from that nearby carpet store -- and the image of it soon went viral.

Then the group of about 10 workers decided to expand, adding Harden's mohawk and some "crazy playoff eyes."

With construction complete, a watch party was held outside the building for Wednesday night's comeback win that will send the Thunder to the Finals.

Which means ...

"Who knows?" Ketch said. "[Thursday] may be Durantula Day.

"There's plenty of space. There's another 60 feet or so. ... We'll maybe have some more fun in the next week."