Another sports fashion craze: Denim jackets

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

First we had "nerd glasses" -- and, apparently, we still do.

Now we've got denim jackets, which in recent days/months/in some cases years have been worn by NBA and other sports stars. Take Amare Stoudemire in the above photo; shortly after getting engaged, he celebrated by taking in the Boston Celtics-Miami Heat Game 5, wearing precisely that.

Because of this, we tracked down shots of several denim-donning big-name athletes -- some from the NBA postseason, some from earlier, but all of them stylish (in a jeans sort of way).

Enjoy ...

LeBron James

Dwyane Wade

Carmelo Anthony

Nick Young

David Beckham


Brandon Jennings

From a 2011 Foot Locker appearance, courtesy of Kicks on Fire.

And finally ...

Chad Ochocinco

Via @ochocinco / Twitpic.