Want a unibrow headband? You can help!

That face. Actually, that unibrow. Some scoff, but many celebrate the follicle oddity of Kentucky star/guaranteed No. 1 overall NBA draft pick Anthony Davis.

Brothers Colby and Ryan Braun really celebrate it. That's why they've started a Kickstarter campaign -- with a goal of $3,000 -- to make "Unibrow" headbands.

Ryan Braun -- who runs the site CFAAP.com, who has guest-written at the TrueHoop Network's Cavs: The Blog, and whose Davis/Nike campaign appeared on these pages in April -- explains via email:

"My brother and I are huge Anthony Davis fans (and were before he even came to Kentucky). And ... also huge Cavs fans.

"We came up with the headband idea during the NCAA Tournament, half as an entrepreneurial venture and half as a plea to the Basketball Gods to have him land in Cleveland. And while we were both pretty bummed he won't be joining Kyrie [Irving], we still thought the headbands would be an awesome souvenir for New Orleans and Kentucky fans. That unibrow is just awesome. It's going to be as unique a signature as anything to come into the league in a while. A.D. -- [a] ferocious-yet-affable superstar."

And the fundraising campaign?

"We started the Kickstarter site," Braun wrote, "just because to get the best-quality headbands, we needed to order in bulk and neither of us had $3,000 lying around to invest.

"If we can get the Hornets use them for their draft party, I'd say we're golden."