Finals shirts: 'OKCLE' movement, and more

In recent years he brought you "Lyin' King." And "Cavs for Mavs." Now, Cleveland-based artist/designer George Vlosich has a new shirt for the NBA Finals, one of many special designs that we've seen in these 2012 NBA playoffs:

Now Vlosich -- who spent time with ESPN during last year's Finals, rooting against ex-Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James' Miami Heat and for those aforementioned Dallas Mavericks -- wants to reiterate: He and brother/associate Greg Vlosich don't truly hate James. George, after all, gained millions of YouTube hits from his James-based Etch A Sketch work.

It's just ...

"We hate the way he did it and what he did to our city on national TV," Greg told Playbook via email Wednesday night.

It's more about being as positive as possible while rooting against James -- hence the pro-Dallas and pro-OKC slant of these shirts.

"We had request after request for a shirt for the Finals this year," Vlosich wrote, "so we decided to tie the two cities together again. We wanted to keep it simple yet make a statement. Not an extremely anti-LeBron shirt. But like the rest of the nation, Cleveland is rooting against the Heat."

Well, not everyone. The Tumblr NBA Off-Season offers this team-themed Heat shirt, in addition to some pro-Thunder apparel in its 2012 Finals collection:

But we couldn't escape without some Thunder-themed work; this city leads the league in creative fan-made T-shirts. Especially ones involving James Harden's beard. From The Tee Projekt:

All images courtesy of the designers.