Jim Thome hits home run ball into oblivion

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Jim Thome hit the decisive three-run blast in the Philadelphia Phillies 6-1 win in Minnesota on Thursday. It was the second straight night a Thome homer gave Philly the edge.

So what was so special about this one? Well, as seen in the video above and the photos below, this ball had quite the adventure.

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Jim Thome hits home run ball into oblivion

Storified by Patrick Dorsey · Fri, Jun 15 2012 03:16:14

First came the hit. And then ...Authorities are searching for Thome's ball this very moment. http://pic.twitter.com/lwBpFjVTCrevansThe #TargetField staff are still looking for Thome's home run ball! http://twitpic.com/9wioe1MelissaThey've got a guy with a harness on & they are uprooting all of the plants. The search for the missing #Thome Home run ball continuesDave StadleyThey found a ball, but not THE ball #itshappening #ThomeDave StadleyHow many @Twins staff does it take to find a Thome homerun ball??? Answer: a lot and still no luck. http://pic.twitter.com/TBmr6M6VMary SchmidtThat lack of luck continued; per the Associated Press story: "A Twins spokesman said the team planned to dig out the ball Friday afternoon and send it to Thome, who spent most of the previous two seasons in Minnesota."
So ..."Have you seen my baseball?" -Jim ThomePeter J. NelsonNot yet.