Stony Brook makes Facebook mosaic

Mike Penn & Allison Zelnick/Facebook

You could say the Seawolves of Stony Brook are pretty happy about their team's special trip to Omaha and the College World Series.

Men's swimming captain Hajime Ichikawa sure recognized it. "And I wanted to show support," he said Friday, "for the baseball team and athletics in general."

So right after the team clinched its CWS bid, Ichikawa talked to his teammates about posting some photos to Facebook -- wearing red, and making the team's "OK" sign.

Not a bad idea. Photos flooded in. So fellow Seawolves swimmer Allison Zelnick -- also Ichikawa's girlfriend -- wanted to organize them on a Facebook page. Pretty soon, there were so many -- about 400 of them, Ichikawa said, from alumni, students and even people from other schools -- that Zelnick wanted to make a mosaic.

So she made the original, below. Then fellow Seawolf Mike Penn channeled a Seawolf in the image above. Both were based on those special Facebook photos.

"We have school spirit," Ichikawa said, "and it shows."

Allison Zelnick on Facebook.

Hajime Ichikawa on Facebook.