The memorable moments of Dewayne Wise

Dewayne Wise. Is he the most interesting career .219 hitter in the world?

He just might be. Now, we don't know all of the career .219 hitters in the world (note: he was at .219 before Saturday afternoon's game), but we do know Wise this week made more news than a lot of history's light-hitting outfielders ever do.

And luckily for us, much of this news was of the visual variety.

Like that umpire-fooling, non-catch catch, as discussed above by Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and Jay Crawford and seen from some more angles here:

Wise then took the mound Friday night, recording the final two outs -- in just seven pitches, with no walks or hits allowed -- in the New York Yankees' 14-7 loss to the Chicago White Sox.

Speaking of White Sox, that was where Wise made his first big Mark. As in, preserving Mark Buehrle's perfect game with the most amazing of ninth-inning, home-run-robbing grabs. (And yes, this one was legit.)

Wise also has broken the hearts of future teammates, as seen here when he forced Mariano Rivera into a blown save while with the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Wise seems to have a knack for good fortune. Just watch this play while he was with the Marlins, when he fell on his face while rounding third -- only for a bad throw to allow him to score anyway:

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Through it all -- and by it all, we mean six major league teams and several minor league stints -- Wise just has kept making catches.

... and making opposing fans mad, like this guy:

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Oh, and he gave us this photo, with him and ex-teammate Clay Hensley. So there's that.