Noel Gallagher, fans help Man City debut kit

Some soccer insight for the uninitiated: Often a club's kit, or uniform, debut will consist of the main players getting together, wearing the jerseys and kicking balls around in front of cameras.

Not this year for England's Manchester City.

The reigning Premier League champions decided to do things differently, bringing fans and film crews into the equation. By fans, we mean both regular guys and girls (more than 1,200 entered the contest to be featured) and Noel Gallagher -- formerly of Oasis, currently of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and always one of City's biggest supporters. And by film crews, we mean they shot videos for each big fan.

There was Gallagher, above, who was joined on stage by captain Vincent Kompany in the player's native Belgium, captured by music photographer and City fan Kevin Cummins.

There also was Chris Atkinson, a Manchester fireman with an unusual job at the department:

Then there was Dale Hudson, another lifelong supporter with an odd dream: sending the new Man City kit into space, via balloon.