S.F. Giants create Instagram hub on Web

Instagram. In the social media world, it's kind of a big deal -- and has been for a while.

But there are barriers to this photo-based application. Although it's easy to follow teams and celebrities and friends on Instagram's mobile phone apps and spinoffs, it's a little harder to find the same Instagram feeds on a regular Web page.

Enter, for the team's fans at least, the San Francisco Giants. Already one of the few Major League Baseball teams to use the application, the Giants (@sfgiants) now have created an online hub (viewable here) for all their Instagram photos.

Such as:

#MelkVP #picoftheday #SFGiants


Buster #SFGiants

For a little background, we caught up with Giants director of social media Bryan Srabian, who called this an "exciting innovation" for the team and for MLB (it was initiated by MLB Advanced Media), and could be the first of many across the league.

"We loved the idea of being on Instagram and showcasing our players, our ballpark and sharing the experience of the Giants brand through Instagram," Srabian wrote via email. "AT&T Park is the most 'Instagrammed' ballpark in MLB, so we know our fans are very active.

"But as we know, Instagram is limited to mobile, so MLBAM wanted to take it a step further. MLBAM worked with Instagram to create a hub on our page (and soon all MLB team sites) to host the gallery of Instagram pix."

This guy was busy - MadBum 11Ks

AT&T Park #SFGiants

As for connecting with fans via Instagram ...

"Instagram allows fans to share their experience through artistic photos," Srabian wrote. "AT&T Park is one of the most beautiful settings for baseball, and it is always great to see the different perspectives through the eyes of our fans.

"And we are exploring different types of content through Instagram. Fans really enjoy seeing their favorite players on Instagram. Sometimes they are professional shots from our staff photographers and other times they are from our social media team with an iPhone.

"Each picture tells a different story. It has been a blast to connect with fans."

Giants Magazine #PerfectCain commemorative issue - #SFGiants

Get on the Bus #SFGiants

All images courtesy of the San Francisco Giants.