Playbook's Team Pictures: L.A. Dodgers

With more than 35,000 followers, the L.A. Dodgers use Instagram to connect with fans. Los Angeles Dodgers/Instagram

Some things in sports can't be captured through a regular lens. So teams employ the social media/photography site Instagram -- it of more than 80 million users -- to relay images to their fans.

Take the Los Angeles Dodgers. One of the most-followed Major League Baseball teams on Instagram, the club uses photos to connect with fans and show them things they don't always see.

For instance, shortly after L.A. acquired Shane Victorino on Tuesday, @Dodgers shared this photo of the outfielder to its 35,000-plus followers. Same thing happened when Hanley Ramirez arrived. And that's not the only type of pic picked by the Dodgers' account; on a given day, one might see fans or food (see below) or trophies or a patriotic Tommy Lasorda or Matt Kemp. Especially Matt Kemp. (Again, see below.)

We caught up via email with Josh Tucker, the Dodgers' social media coordinator, to break down the Dodgers on Instagram.

@bmdc27 [Matt Kemp] and the Boys in Blue look to beat the #DBacks tonight.

Talk about your use of Instagram -- when you joined, how you employ it, etc.

"We've been on Instagram since June 1, 2012, but have been able to promote it since June 23, 2012. It really [is] a team effort in capturing the pictures we're using for our Instagram account. We're fortunate that our public relations department is extremely pro-social media, because while on the road they do a fantastic job of supplying me with photos to use. As a result, we're one of the few (if only) baseball teams that are able to provide our fans with photos while away from Dodger Stadium.

"I also try and incorporate one of Jon SooHoo's photos a day (but will always give him credit). He is one of the most well-respected team photographers in the business and his photos are incredible. While at home, I am taking 99 percent of the photos and I am responsible for uploading all of the photos to our account."

Happy Kershaw Day! (photo credit: Jon SooHoo)

What are your favorite filters?

"Hefe (12% used), Hudson (8%), and my most used filter is Lo-Fi (13%). On the Dodger's account I've never used: 1977, Apollo, Gotham, Lomo-fi, Lily, Poprocket, Toaster (they are the darker filters, bright filters have higher interaction rates). I think it's interesting to note that 30% of our photos do not use filters. Most of the photos I take are in Camera+ and I also like incorporating other apps into our feed. Lately I've been playing around with Color Splash and PicFrame."

30 minutes till Dodger baseball.

What's your goal when sharing these photos?

"Our aim on Instagram is to engage fans with exciting content. No ticketing or sponsorship messaging, purely Dodger baseball."

Magic is back!

And your favorite photos?

My favorite photos are the ones that give fans access that they don't normally have, and furthermore in real time:

Andre with his daughter!

@deeg5599 [Dee Gordon] works on bunting with the legendary Maury Wills.

@bmdc27 running the bases [for first time after hamstring injury].

The Boys in Blue stopped at Shake Shack but Mattingly says he prefers In N' Out.

Jerry Hairston Jr. welcomes Hanley to the #Dodgers family.

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