Best of London Olympics Twitter cameras

Is LeBron James looking at the Olympics' Basketball Cam during this game versus Nigeria? Could be. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In case you haven't noticed, the Olympics offers the occasional impressive photo.

Knowing that, the Olympics this year set up several Twitter accounts dedicated solely to certain views of the 2012 London Games.

Connected to Getty Images cameras, each page -- Stadium Cam (@L2012StadiumCam, track and field); Gym Cam (@L2012GymCam, rhythmic gymnastics); Basketball Cam (@l2012bballcam, take a guess); Table Cam (@L2012TableCam, table tennis); Mat Cam (@L2012MatCam, judo); and Pool Cam (@L2012PoolCam; take another guess) -- shows the best photos from specific angles in their venues, complete with cheeky comments that make the camera itself a character.

Here are some of our favorites, from throughout the competition: