Infographic: Home-field advantage in NFL

New England Patriots fans have helped their team -- a least a little -- over the past 10 years. AP Photo/Matt Slocum

How much do the home fans help an NFL team?

Considerably, say the statistics, as shown in this graphic from SportsData LLC, which visualizes the home and road win totals of all 32 teams over the past 10 seasons (heading into this one).

Of note:

• The New England Patriots lead the way in both categories, with 67 regular-season home victories (an .838 winning percentage) and 56 road wins (.700). They're one of only eight teams with a plus-.500 winning percentage on the road.

Does a dome help? Possibly. The Indianapolis Colts tallied 59 home wins (.738) from 2002 to 2011, the Atlanta Falcons 50 (.625) and Minnesota Vikings 45 (.562). The Colts, Falcons and New Orleans Saints (45 home wins) all were solid road teams in the past decade as well, but the Vikings won just 29 on the road (.363; for a discrepancy of .199) and the Lions had a winning percentage .212 higher in home games than in road games.

Home teams posted a .572 winning percentage over the past decade, with the AFC slightly better (.587) than the NFC (.557). On the road, the AFC also led (.440 to .415).

Only one team won more games on the road (46) than at home (42) in the past 10 years: The reigning Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

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