Football intro videos: The BCS schools

Intro videos. Those dramatic one-, two- or even three-minute clips that herald the start of a college football game. They're out in full force in 2012, with colleges everywhere producing their own hype trailers and making them public -- sometimes even before the game begins.

After sharing a few at the start of the season and a few more last week, we've got a touchdown's worth of great videos from BCS colleges, as seen on YouTube or shared with us via Twitter. We'll be back soon to highlight the small colleges. But for now, get pumped for (and by) the big guys:

Oklahoma Sooners: As sent to us by @JasonRMatheson on Twitter, featuring a number of OU alumni gathered on a genuine movie shoot (you can see the making-of featurette here).

Alabama Crimson Tide: Featuring a slideshow of old Bama photos and some captivating voiceovers from old coaches.

Iowa State Cyclones: From before their Week 1 game against Tulsa, with some interesting colorization on highlights before -- wait for it -- a weather alert.

Pittsburgh Panthers: As sent to us by @coreman009 on Twitter, it's a three-segmented clip that merges Pitt history, Pitt present and Pittsburgh the city.

Oregon Ducks: Just a purely cinematic hype video.

Oregon State Beavers: A clip that almost tells a story, showing the citizens of Corvallis (including mascot Benny Beaver) getting ready for game day.

Vanderbilt Commodores: It's cheesy, almost over-the-top, with a "Lord of the Rings"-like anchor being forged and stylized football being played in the locker room. But why not? Sports is supposed to be fun, after all.

If you see a cool college sports entrance video, game trailer or other officially licensed clip, please Tweet it to @DorseyPatrick.