A video history of sports draft booing

Booing. You can't have a draft without it. (At least not one that allows spectators.) With that in mind, Playbook Visuals offers a tour of some of the best booing moments in sports draft history.

Eagles fans boo Donovan McNabb

A classic. They wanted Ricky Williams. They got the quarterback. Which worked out pretty well, for a while.

Dolfans jeer Ginn pick

Notorious in Miami. Ted Ginn Jr. (and his family, as Cam Cameron said at the time) was the pick. Dolphins fans wanted Brady Quinn. Hmmm.

Speaking of which...

Brady Quinn booed before draft

...and it only got worse, as he fell to No. 22, then out of significance in the NFL. (Although not quite like the guy introduced right after him.)

Roger Goodell

Wethinks the 2011 lockout might have influenced this one.

NBA fans boo David Stern off stage

...not that it kept him from smiling.

NHL fans boo Gary Bettman

Fan favorites, commissioners.

Eagles boo Kevin Kolb pick

Philly fans are notorious boo-urns.

But not quite as notorious as these guys:

Jets fans boo everything

Although they might have a point.

Knicks fans boo Iman Shumpert

Is it something about New York?

Knicks fans boo Danilo Gallinari

It's gotta be something about New York.

Knicks fans boo Wilson Chandler

OK, they might be booing just to boo at this point.

Knicks fans boo Stephen Curry

Well, at least here they were mad because someone else took someone.