Yearbook, Sept. 21: 'Monday Night Football'

Sept. 21, 1970: What's an NFL week without "Monday Night Football"? Fans knew until this day 42 years ago, when Billy Andrews and the Cleveland Browns played host to Joe Namath and the New York Jets, with the linebacker getting the better of the quarterback -- especially on a key late interception return -- in a 31-21 Cleveland win as called by Howard Cosell, Keith Jackson and Don Meredith.

Joe Namath against the Cleveland Browns in 1970http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2012/0920/play_g_andrews_b1_576.jpgHoward Cosell, Keith Jackson, Don Meredith at the Monday Night Football debut

Getty Images; Tony Tomsic/Getty Images; ABC Photo Archives/ABC/Getty Images.