Video project captures motion of basketball

Eric Funk, a senior animation major last year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, needed a final project.

So Funk, a Boston-area native and basketball fan/recreational player, turned to the court for inspiration.

"I was always shooting around with two of my best friends," Funk explained via email to Playbook, while also referring to a drawing he had done of Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo in which he was "kind of breaking down his signature move frame by frame" [see below].

Funk took both facts and spun them into an animation, filming those friends and a few others and then rotoscoping (animating over film) their moves on brown paper, using color and motion to capture the flow of the sport.

"I just kind of figured it out as I went," he said, "trying to really visualize the amount of energy going into the game and basically have fun while doing it. This was my senior animation that I had to spend all year on, so I really wanted to make sure it was something I loved that didn't lose my attention and I was into it from day one until the end."

See the final project, called "MicMac Lane," above, with sound design and music from Evan Morse, and some stills below (plus the Rondo drawing).

Eric Funk MicMac Lane still

Eric Funk MicMac Lane still 2Eric Funk MicMac Lane still 3Eric Funk Rajon Rondo drawing