Yearbook, Oct. 27: Angels on the field

Oct. 27, 2002: The 4-1 win over the San Francisco Giants didn't end a Red Sox- or Cubs-level drought, but it did bring the first World Series trophy to a franchise that had seen its share of suffering.

Yes, on this day 10 years ago -- thanks to the likes of David Eckstein (first photo), World Series MVP Troy Glaus (second), veteran Tim Salmon (fourth) and, of course, the Rally Monkey -- the Anaheim Angels won their first title in 42 years of the franchise's existence. Before that, fans' memories were stained by such haunting collapses as the 1986 playoffs (they were one out from the World Series) and the 1995 regular season (the worst fall ever, according to Baseball Prospectus).

After it? No more. (At least not as much.)