Chili Peppers incur wrath of Ohio State fans

It was spontaneous, born out of a conversation Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith was having with lead singer Anthony Kiedis before a concert in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this month.

Both Michigan football fans, they were talking before the show about Ohio State. The conversation pushed the Buckeyes to the forefront of his mind. What resulted has gone viral.

At the end of the Chili Peppers' show June 4 in Ohio State's basketball arena, the Schottenstein Center, Smith threw his drum sticks into the crowd, picked up the microphone and sung the first line-and-a-half of the Michigan fight song, 'The Victors.'

"At the end of the concert, we play a lot of songs people know, which is great, they come to hear some of the old chestnuts, the 'Give it Away' and 'Under the Bridge' and 'Californication,' " Smith said Tuesday. "I thought it would it would be nice to leave them with another song they know well, just a tidbit. I didn't sing the whole thing.

"Like Happy Birthday, you just have to start it and people know how it goes, they know the song. That was it, man."

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