Deadmau5's UFC video just start of things

Deadmau5's just-released video "Professional Griefers" is just the start of the collaboration between musicians and Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The video, which also features vocalist Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, shows a futuristic UFC bout between Way and Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) with the winner take all.

"Music is part of our live show and part of our fighters' lives," said Bryan Johnston, president of UFC Brands. "So we decided to go with a complete and total integration, a futuristic 'Mad Max' idea of Thunderdome."

The single will appear on the September CD release of Deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse), one of the most celebrated electronic music producers in the world.

"We could have spent $10 million and two years to come up with an idea to try to reach a 21-year-old audience," Johnston said, "but this is much more effective way of reaching the masses. We're just getting started on these collaborations."