The Mag 15 playlist: 2003

This month, ESPN The Magazine celebrates its 15th anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, right here on Sounds, The Mag will look back and generate exclusive playlists curated by Bomani Jones. The "Around the Horn" panelist will pick and discuss the biggest hits of the past 15 years. Listen to the entire playlist below.

“21 Questions” by 50 Cent

“See, this is the year baseball really started asking questions about performance enhancing drugs, getting back the answers they both expected and feared.”

“Ignition Remix” by R. Kelly

“A catchy little ditty about Helio Castroneves’ victory at the Indianapolis 500. Or maybe not.”

“Where is the Love?” by Black Eyed Peas

“Shaq, Kobe, after three rings, you found the love? Nah, didn’t think so.”

“Air Force Ones” by Nelly featuring the St. Lunatics

“For 2003 is the beginning of the season that saw Rasheed Wallace become an NBA champion.”

“Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake

“From Chicago, to Bartman, with love.”

“When I’m Gone” by 3 Doors Down

“For 2002 was the year Mike Tyson said he was going to “fade into oblivion” after losing to Lennox Lewis. Instead, he fell into...being likable?”

“Real Good Man” by Tim McGraw

“For Tiger Woods winning the Tiger Slam, though it might work better if the title were “Real Good, Man” instead.”

“Miss Independent” by Kelly Clarkson

“Sure, Serena Williams won three Grand Slams titles, but don’t forget the Australian Open saw Jennifer Capriati go back-to-back long after we thought that was possible.”