Kings players fueled by NPR pump-up jams

Every athlete needs a good pump-up jam to get them into battle mode, especially in a sport as adrenaline-heavy as hockey. So when the Los Angeles Kings enter their first conference semifinal in over a decade against the Blues on Saturday, you better believe they’ll be bumpin’ some monster tunes. Tunes like … uh … Celine Dion. And, um, whatever’s spinning at the local NPR affiliate.

Check out this video of Kings forward Colin Fraser grilling his teammates on what they listen to before games. While some prefer country and “techno junk,” Davis Drewiske and Kevin Westgarth gotta get their listener-supported public radio fix. This is no surprise coming from Drewiske, who earlier this month did a guest DJ set for KCRW, throwing down the same playlist they use in the fitting rooms at The Gap.