Day 2AB begins with flurry of eliminations

After three starting days, the tournament is moving forward. The 1,880 surviving players from Day 1A and 1B returned to action on Tuesday for a five-level day that will bring them closer to the money. Playing in separate rooms, the Day 2A (Amazon) and Day 2B (Brasilia/Pavilion) fields dwindled rapidly with tables breaking left and right creating an empty atmosphere in both the Pavilion and Amazon rooms. Among the hundreds of eliminations was 2003 WSOP main event champion Chris Moneymaker.

"I played the worst hand that I've played over the past 10 years," Moneymaker said after delivering the bad news to his wife at home. "I made so many mistakes."

The hand that Moneymaker referred to wasn't the one that sent him home (A-J

Moneymaker was a little down, but his initial reaction was to get back on the felt. He's off to find a tournament to play this afternoon. Moneymaker hasn't cashed in the main event since his victory in 2003.

World Poker Tour Player of the Year Matt Salsberg, Faraz Jaka, Josh Brikis, Amanda Musumeci, Steve O'Dwyer and Tristan Wade were also eliminated during Level 6.

Defending champion Greg Merson continued to trend in the right direction on Day 2, adding to his stack to finish the first level with 110,000 in chips. Doyle Brunson, Daniel Cates, Erik Seidel, Eoghan O'Dea, Ronnie Bardah and Greg Mueller also gained during the first level. Brunson, seated in Pavilion, will move tables for the next two levels.

Small blinds: Actor Kevin Pollak is wearing a microphone for ESPN today. ... I mentioned last night that the tables in the Blue section were being removed. Last year, this area was utilized for additional feature tables. According to Dan Gati of Poker Productions, the new setup in the center of Amazon allows for four more secondary feature tables and greater ease of access for the camera teams. ... Greg Merson is wearing a Paul Konerko jersey today. ... The Day 2B field should be completely out of Pavilion by the dinner break, leaving all the remaining players in Brasilia. ... The total number of players starting today is less than the number of Day 1C survivors. ... Eugene Katchalov was eliminated at the start of Level 7. ... Blinds are now 300/600 with a 100 ante. ... 2008 WSOP main event champion Peter Eastgate didn't play in this year's main event. ... The bad beat hallway is definitely living up to its name this year. Some of these phone calls are really anger-filled. ... The rail is sparse once again, but it is a Tuesday. ... The chip leader entering Day 2A/B had 60,000 less than 1C leader Mark Kroon. ... You always feel great when you pick up aces and your opponent moves all-in. Then you feel pretty disappointed when your opponent flips over aces, too, and you're immediately content settling for a chop. It happens more often than you think, but the table still laughs as everyone can't believe it. Suddenly, those laughs turn to gasps as four cards of the same suit are placed on the board, and you're back to a feeling of thrill as you watch your opponent make his way out of the main event. Nikolaus Kovacs knows that feeling extremely well, and he's thankful he had the ace of clubs.