Day 6: Timoshenko takes the lead

There's a different feeling of tension in the Amazon Room today. The comfortable atmosphere of players casually playing in the main event has been replaced by heightened emotions and endless confrontations in which one wrong decision could thwart a deep run in the main event and possibly a final table appearance.

Eight players have been eliminated in the first hour of play, but the most intriguing hand that took place was a triple-up by WPT champion Noah Schwartz. On the second hand of the day, Schwartz ran kings into Jay Farber's aces and doubled up the Las Vegas club promoter and cash-game rounder. A few hands later, Jonathan Jaffe opened, and with only 500,000 left, Schwartz put his money in the center. Farber, next to act, called and the dealer announced "all-in and a call" which signals the TV cameras to come over and film. Farber was unaware of any action ahead of him and flipped over his cards: A-8. With Farber's hand exposed, the action was now on Jaffe, who moved all-in. Farber folded and Schwartz hit a king on the turn to triple up.

Farber was given a one-round penalty for exposing his hand out of turn and told me that if he knew there was action in front of him he probably wouldn't have called.

At the feature table, Yevgeniy Timoshenko has started off strong and added nearly 4 million to his stack to become the chip lead. The WPT, WCOOP and APT champion got richer as opponent Keanu Tabali (3-3) made a weaker full house on the river and paid him off. With K-Q, Timoshenko captured the 7 million chip pot after a board of K-K-8-Q-3.

The main event dream has ended for:

61. Erkut Yilmaz ($123,597)

62. Vladimir Geshkenbein ($123,597)

63. Cero Zuccarello ($123,597)

64. Marc Emond ($102,102)

65. Corrie Wunstel ($102,102)

66. Yann Dionn ($102,102)

67. Simon Ravnsbaek ($102,102)

68. Tyler Cornell ($102,102)

The current chip leaders are:

1. Yevgeniy Timoshenko (8.1 million in chips)

2. Marc McLaughlin (7.3 million)

3. Sami Rustom (7 million)

4. Jason Mann (6.5 million)

5. Matthew Reed (5.9 million)

Small blinds: All remaining players will earn at least $123,597. The next money jump comes at 54th ($151,063). ... Play will continue today for five levels or until there are only 18 players remaining. ... Jackie Glazier is getting a lot of rail support at the feature table. ... If you're in Vegas, come down and watch. It's free. Today is one of the best days of the main event. I'll probably say the same thing tomorrow.