Day 6: 37 left at dinner break

The fun part about Day 6 is that we begin to really learn about the remaining players in the field. It's tough to gauge the caliber of player for most of the tournament, but on these final days with just a few tables left, every face becomes familiar and every player has a story.

We're beginning to know a little bit about Anton Morgenstern, the chip leader at the dinner break of Day 6. Morgenstern is one of three players with more than 10 million in chips, which he gathered mostly during this last level. He took the lead after a pot against Philip Long, then added a few more million without a showdown. He's picking his spots perfectly so far on Sunday and everyone in the Amazon Room has taken notice.

The award for most random Twitter avatar of the remaining players has to go to Chris Lindh, but his real story is his re-emergence here on Day 6. Lindh was the chip leader for part of Day 5, but fell out of the top spot in a hurry and ended the night in 10th. He fell further to start the day, but has been able to chip up with ease after that. Picking up aces versus kings also helps. He has knocked out a number of players over the past two levels and has 14 million in chips at the break.

JC Tran is third in chips heading to dinner after a constant clinic on aggression at the feature table. He's opening a ton of pots, three-betting more and putting his opponents to the test all the time. This is trademark Tran, though, and if there's one player whose hands I'm looking forward to seeing on television, it's definitely his.

Some notes:

  • Carlos Mortensen doubled up A-K over K-K by hitting a broadway on the river (10-J-Q-K-A). He has chipped up since that double to 6.4 million.

  • Jackie Glazier doubled up a few times during that level, but hasn't been able to top 4 million in chips

  • Blinds will be 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante when players return

  • The average stack is 5.1 million in chips

  • Steven Gee, the ninth-place finisher in last year's main event, has 2.4 million in chips

The main event dream has ended for:

38. Somar Al-Darwich ($185,694)

39. Sami Rustom ($185,694)

40. Christopher Kinane ($185,694)

41. Josh Prager ($185,694)

42. Jonathan Jaffe ($185,694)

43. Phil Mader ($185,694)

44. Bryan Pellegrino ($185,694)

45. David Stephens ($185,694)

46. Vitaly Lunkin ($151,063)

47. Jamie Kaplan ($151,063)

48. Gaetano Preite ($151,063)

49. Oliver Price ($151,063)

50. Sebastian Gohr ($151,063)

The current chip leaders are:

1. Anton Morgenstern (19.0 million in chips)

2. Chris Lindh (14.0 million)

3. JC Tran (10.4 million)

4. Jay Farber (9.7 million)

5. Jason Mann (9.5 million)