Cheong, Mizzi among 52 eliminated

LAS VEGAS -- The field has reached double-digits and only 90 players remain after four hours play on Day 6. If you're a fan looking for a final table with star power, the day's actions haven't included your favorite moments with the eliminations of Joseph Cheong, Sorel Mizzi, Eli Elezra, Christian Harder, Sami Kelopuro, Bryan Colin, Peter Feldman and Rupert Elder.

The story of the day so far has been Phil Collins who leads the field with 8.7 million in chips and Collins would do the damage at the feature table, eliminating Cheong holding A-A to Cheong's A-Q. A queen did flop, giving the players a little sweat, but that was all the help Cheong would receive and the 2010 third-place finisher was eliminated in 114th. For his efforts, Cheong earned $54,851 in his third cash of the Series. It was still an incredible run for Cheong who walked away, continuing his calm demeanor while shaking the hands of his opponents and speaking to ESPN's Kara Scott.

Collins, known online as "USCPhildo", has been a force at the table and at one point, had more than 10 million in chips. It was believed that Collins had won every postflop hand he played for the first three hours and with the next highest stack at the table at only 1.7 million in chips, he was able to be the bully. During the last hour of play, his opponents began to three-bet all-in for significant stacks and it slowed him down momentarily. With millions in online earnings and eight WSOP cashes already under his belt, Collins has the stack and experience needed that can get him to November.

Eli Elezra also found himself in a tough spot with a short stack and moved in with 10-10 and was called by the K-K of Jared Vengrin. The cash-game star couldn't find a 10 and walked off the stage happy with his performance. He told Kara Scott that he played old school poker and enjoyed his first deep run and cash in the main event since 2004.

One of the latest casualties of the level was Sorel Mizzi who started off the day with a big double up. He looked comfortable for the first three hours and 50 minutes, but a really rough beat would put him out in 95th. Mizzi and Aleksandr Mozhnyakov got involved after a flop of 6-9-9. Mizzi bet 200,000 (blinds 15,000/30,000 with a 4,000 ante) and Mozhnyakov called. The turn was an ace and Mizzi led for 335,000. Mozhnyakov moved all-in and Mizzi called in a heartbeat. Mizzi showed 6-6 for a full house while Mozhnyakov turned up J-9 for trips. He would need a jack or ace to win the pot and an ace hit the river, giving Mozhnyakov the better full house and bring his stack to over five million in chips.

The story of Allen Cunningham and Erick Lindgren battling on the short stacks continues, but both players are in more comfortable shape at the dinner break than they were four hours ago. Lindgren doubled up in the first five minutes of play, then lost a big pot with K-K to 7-7 as his opponent flopped a set. He was able to double once again at the end of the level with A-A against Jerry Van Strydonck's A-K to bring his stack to 2.6 million. Cunningham was down to 400,000 at one point today and remained patient, continuing to show a lack of emotion despite being involved in one of the most pressure-filled moments of the year. Cunningham doubled through Khoa Nguyen with 3-3 and sits with a chip stack of just under one million in chips.

We entered the day with 142 players and three women and all three of those women are still alive. Breeze Zuckerman, the last woman standing of the 2010 WSOP, went out in 121st place and with three of them left with 90 to go, the buzz regarding what a woman could do to the industry if she made the final table has already started. Leading the trio is Claudia Crawford with 2.3 million. Amanda Musumeci has 1.1 million and Erika Moutinho has 950,000 in chips at the dinner break. Her boyfriend, David "Doc_Sands" Sands had a great start to the day and has nearly three million chips.

Here are the upcoming payout levels:

73-81: $90,343

82-90: $76,146

Small blinds: The tidbit of the level goes to Brian Follain who is currently fourth in chips. Making his first WSOP cash, Follain noted to Melissa Hayden that two weeks ago he created a Twitter account for his main event journey. The name on that account? @2011wsopchamp. ... Ben Lamb, Erick Lindgren and J.P. Kelly will highlight the new final table that will take the ESPN stage after dinner. ... The chip leader entering the day, David Bach, sits 10th with 4.3 million in chips. ... The average stack is 2.2 million in chips, or 73 big blinds.