Moneymaker falters, out in 11th at PCA

The day started out alright for Chris Moneymaker who momentarily found himself the chip leader during the first level of the day, but two major pots against Galen Hall forced a change in direction and Moneymaker would be eliminated in 11th place (earning $130,000).

Hall grabbed half of Moneymaker's stack during the early afternoon hours. Moneymaker opened with a raise, Hall three-bet and Moneymaker four-bet to see Hall think, but make the call. The flop came 10h-9d-6d and both players checked. Then turn was the 7d and Hall bet out a little over half a million. With little deliberation, Moneymaker made the call and the two would see a river of the 4c. Moneymaker checked and Hall moved all-in for another 1.75 million. Moneymaker made the call and immediately mucked seeing Hall's 10-10.

The 2003 WSOP champ got up from his seat and went for a walk, consulting mindset coach Sam Chauhan as he walked towards the middle of the tournament room. Clearly angered with his decision, he spoke to himself saying he was better than that, and took his seat. From that point on, Moneymaker never won a substantial pot and slowly saw his chips bleed out until he was sitting with just over a million.

Around 4 p.m., Moneymaker moved all-in from the cutoff with K-6 and Hall called with A-6, dominating the former champion. The flop of 5h-8s-2s brought no help, but the Ks on the turn changed things and gave Moneymaker the lead. He'd have to fade a spade or an ace to double up and get back in the game, but an ace on the river sealed his tournament and passed over his remaining chips to Hall.

This was Moneymaker's highest cash since his WPT runner-up in 2004 and a very respectable one at that, outlasting 1548 players.

There are 10 players remaining in the main event and here are the current chip counts:

Chris Oliver (9.3 million in chips)

Galen Hall (7.0 million)

Mike Sowers (4.9 million)

Dmitriy Stelmak (4.6 million)

Sam Stein (4.1 million)

Anton Ionel (3.5 million)

Bolivar Palacios (3.0 million)

Philippe Plouffe (2.7 million)

Ana Marquez (2.3 million)

Max Weinberg (2.1 million)

Oliver's run continued with his recent elimination of Gregory Baksic in 13th place holding A-A to Baksic's A-9. Sowers took most of Michael Pesek's chips holding K-K to Pesek's J-J and Pesek would then be eliminated in 12th by Anton Ionel. Palacios was catching up to Oliver, but made a very loose all-in call with A-6 against Plouffe's A-8 and gave Plouffe a little life.

There will be a redraw at nine players and play will continue until the final table of eight is reached.