Chris Oliver leads with under 100 left

Hello from the Bahamas! I just arrived at the Atlantis for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and am ready to bring you all the action as it happens at PCA.

I quickly made my way down to the tournament area and let me tell you, the setup of the event is quite impressive. The tournament room currently is hosting sit-and-gos, cash games and at least three of the tournaments on the PCA schedule. Basically, it's filled to capacity with players and spectators who have decided that apparently the pool and sun can wait. There's poker to be watched instead.

The pace has been quick on Day 3 as the field dwindled from the starting 173 players to the current 86 before players went on the most recent 15-minute break before Level 20. Leading the way is Chris Oliver at 2.2 million in chips with Day 2 chip leader Adam Geyer in third at 1.4 million. Oliver earned most of his chips in one critical hand against Harry Kaczka where the two got involved in a preflop raising war, eventually ending in Kaczka calling Oliver's six-bet all-in with A-K against Oliver's 7-5. A flop of 5-K-5 basically sealed the deal for Oliver, who now sits on top of the leaderboard.

Highlighting the feature table is Chris Moneymaker, who has continued to be all smiles under the lights. He told me jokingly that he doesn't really care for Days 1 and 2 of a tournament and that makes Day 3 a great day. His efforts have been rewarded so far with his stack being a continual grind up. He began the day with 650,000 in chips and currently holds a seventh-place stack of 1.2 million in chips.

Eric Froehlich has continued to keep pace in the top 10, while David Sands and Dwyte Pilgrim continue to try to nurse their below-average stacks to health. Super High Roller champion Eugene Katchalov is also still in contention, but is one of the shortest stacks in the tournament. Notable eliminations so far on Day 3 include Eric Buchman, who was one of the Day 2 chip leaders, JP Kelly, Bernard Lee, Bertrand Grospellier, Michael Binger, Victor Ramdin and Hoyt Corkins.

Action continues for three more levels or until the field reaches the final 48 players. At this point, all remaining players are guaranteed $23,500. If they survive until Day 4, they'll lock up at least $52,000.

Small blinds: Players are hopping from tournament to tournament as if they're playing online. As soon as they bust, they head back to the cashier to play in whatever else is available. I saw Dennis Phillips right after his bust from one event, then as he found out he could register for another one, he immediately went ahead and did just that. ... David Williams was talking to television producers, getting a quick lesson on what to expect during the broadcast on ESPN3 and ESPN2 this weekend. ... Sam Chauhan is now focusing a lot of his time on online players. He told me it's the same mental mindset and one of his newest students, Lars Bonding, won major tournaments on back-to-back weekends. ...