The lucky dozen remain

12:35 a.m. ET: Only 12 remain, and the bubble I thought would come between the 12th- and 13th-place finishers lasted a total of one hand. Both eliminations occurred at the secondary feature table. Jeff Shulman eliminated Ben Lamb in 14th place when his A-K held against Lamb's A-J. With that pot, Shulman reached $22 million, and he has put himself in a great position to make the final table.

Immediately after Lamb's elimination, James Calderaro's K-J lost a race to Kevin Schaffel's 10-10. Quickly, we were down to 12 players, and the fact of the payout difference between $896,730 (10th-12th) and $633,032 (13th-15th) never even settled in the players' minds. The next pay jump occurs with the cut to the final table of the November Nine, but there's much more at stake at that point than just the money.

The blinds are $120,000/$240,000 with a $30,000 ante, and the average stack is $16.2 million. Phil Ivey is currently 10th in the standings, putting him on the final table bubble.