14 players off to 90-minute dinner break

11:35 p.m. ET: Here are the chip counts as players return from break:

Eric Buchman $28.7 million

Steven Begleiter $27.3 million

Darvin Moon $23.8 million

Joseph Cada $19.5 million

Jordan Smith $18.8 million

Jeff Shulman $15.5 million

Billy Kopp $13.5 million

Antoine Saout $12.4 million

Kevin Schaffel $10.6 million

Phil Ivey $7.3 million

Ben Lamb $5.2 million

James Akenhead $5.0 million

James Calderaro $5.0 million

Jamie Robbins $1.3 million

10:10 p.m. ET: After the elimination of Nick Maimone, the play has slowed considerably, with only a few major pots. If you've been following @ESPN_Poker, you know the updates have come few and far between in Level 32. However, two players doubled up during the level, Ben Lamb and Antoine Saout.

Lamb's victim was Jeff Shulman. Holding 10-10, Lamb sweat out a race against Shulman's K-J. The board came clean, and Lamb's fans, who are extremely loud, went nuts. Shulman hasn't had the best level and is in the $9 million-chip range.

At the feature table, Saout won his own race with 8-8 against James Akenhead's A-K. Saout surged to fourth in chips while Akenhead became the short stack of the event. As was said to me by a Twitter follower, "Don't you love tournament poker?"

Perhaps the best moment of the level came from Eric Buchman, who was involved in a pot with Phil Ivey. After a flop of three rags, Buchman bet out $6 million ... into a just above half a million-chip pot. Ivey looked at him, as if saying, "You serious?" and quickly folded.

As usual, right at the end of my post, the action picks up. Jamie Robbins picked up pocket aces against Akenhead's K-Q. Of course, the flop came K-J-Q and Akenhead took the lead, but there were still two cards to come. Akenhead had to sweat out the turn and river, a 7 and a 5 and has doubled up, to the cheers of his supporters.

Players are on their 90-minute dinner break and have that time to think about the implications of the rest of their night. No pressure, guys ...