27 in action on Day 8

3:30 p.m. ET: With only 27 players left, the focus has been on Phil Ivey and Antonio Esfandiari. However, it turns out that I wrote about one of the other 27, Jordan Smith, already this year. Smith, who started out the day by winning a $1 million pot off of Phil Ivey, won his first bracelet earlier this WSOP in the $2,000 no-limit hold 'em Event 36. As I wrote then, Smith's poker career has been up-and-down, and now it looks like he could be back on his feet for good with at least a $353,000 score no matter where he finishes. Smith started the day at $4.51 million and is already closing in on $6 million just 15 minutes in.

This day might last for a very long time; there are prop bets around the Rio that we'll be here past 4 a.m. Thursday, 6 a.m. Thursday and that the breakfast places will be closed by the time we're out of here. With so much on the line for these players, the play will slow down to a crawl with nobody wanting to be the November Nine bubble boy. I think this could allow experienced players like Ivey and Esfandiari (if they are around) to take advantage of the WSOP rookies.

I'll be at the feature table all day bringing you updates here and on Twitter, so be sure to follow @ESPN_Poker for everything that I'm seeing and hearing throughout this very long day.

As far as the action, the biggest news is that short-stacked Francois Balmigere doubled up against Ben Lamb.

Check that.

Leo Margets, the last woman standing, was eliminated in 27th place. She played the short stack well for the past two days and finally was eliminated. Immediately after that there was a hand at the feature table between Nick Maimone and Darvin Moon in which Maimone was all-in and at risk with Q-10 versus Q-J. The board double-paired, giving Maimone another chance. Also, wow, this all happened as I'm writing this, Ian Tavelli doubled through James Akenhead with A-A versus K-K. Sick.

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Small blinds: Jeff "Happy" Shulman is sitting to Phil Ivey's left. It looks like a couple more players picked up endorsement deals overnight. Darvin Moon is not one of them. ... Antonio Esfandiari is at the secondary feature table. ... One of the three tables is placed, literally, in the center of the Amazon Room. ... Blinds are $60,000/$120,000 with a $15,000 ante. ... A waiter just carried over beef jerky to the players.