130 away from the money

3:30 p.m. ET: Day 4 is under way and play has picked up right where it left off. Within the first minute, the table right in front of me, Orange 69, had a double all-in. The first two players of the day were eliminated and everyone suddenly moved closer to making the money in the 2009 WSOP main event. As I mentioned in my Day 3 recap, play is going to speed up early (as it has) then slow down dramatically as players just hope to make the money.

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Not much to report in terms of big play today -- it's simply the short stacks moving in at every table and either taking the blinds down, or getting called. Phil Ivey won one small pot for $50,000, but really, it's shove and fold poker for many in the room. Justin Bonomo called one of the all-ins with A-K and ran into A-A, which dropped his stack nearly in half. Tables are breaking from my left in the Orange section, which personally, I don't like. The tables will disappear from my view quicker, which means that I'll have to find a new spot on the other side of the room very soon. We're less than 20 minutes in and they just broke the third table. Wow.

For now, I've got a great view of Paul Wasicka, Dennis Phillips, Mike Sexton, Antonio Esfandiari and J.C. Tran, who just doubled up. The feature tables will be home to Ivey and Peter Eastgate today, according to WSOP public relations director Seth Palansky. I'll walk over there in a few and find out who else is there.

Small blinds: From Benjo's Blog: "Elky [Bertrand Grospellier] shows up late and is in the big blind. He has a pair, sees a flop, flops a set, busts a player. How sick!" ... Dan Harrington is back in the neck brace. Guess it was hurting him again. ... Nothing from Phil Hellmuth's table yet. ... I'm estimating a bubble burst at 6:30 p.m. ET. ... Dennis Phillips lookalikes still here. Don't these people work? ... We're looking at two ESPN camera teams per section now, so there shouldn't be much action missed. ... Still lots of non-logoed players. That will change today. ... Big cheer from the feature table. I have no idea what happened. ... Players will have to remove their headphones when they reach the money, per WSOP rules.