Day 2C: Around The Felt

LAS VEGAS -- I often use the "Around The Felt" tag in the blog as a way to give a big-world picture on a variety of stories. Here, on Day 2C, it's easy to miss many of the storylines in play, so I decided to utilize Twitter and hear what the players are saying for themselves as the action continues late Wednesday night.

From the chip leader, Phil Ivey:

In case you were wondering, Ivey had 421,000 in that picture. He has held steady around that range for a few hours and can essentially blind out from this point on and still make the money. Obviously that will never happen. Ivey is seated in Amazon, far away from the rail. He probably can't be much happier.

Tucked in the back corner of the Amazon Room behind the stage, Negreanu has a strong stack of about 150,000 in chips. The woman that he references, Bridget Fredericks, is among the Day 2C leaders. She has five small cashes in her career, but Negreanu is impressed nonetheless.

Phil Hellmuth version 2.0, or more realistically, 18.4, has chipped up since this tweet and has about 55,000 midway through the ninth level. He's seated at an outside feature table and is chatting up those that he's sitting with, including bracelet winner and WPT champion Matt Waxman.

Pierce arrived with Derek Gregory for Day 1 and went their separate ways. Both survived the day and returned on Day 2C to be seated together. Pierce has had a strong day, chipping up into six figures, but still has trouble staying in his seat while the levels progress. The NBA star has a tendency to walk around while play continues, which apparently keeps him focused but costs him a number of hands.

He's not doing any interviews, but Gerard Pique, the 27-year-old defender from Spain, has been taking care of business at the felt. He chipped up slightly after the dinner break to 160,000 and is wearing custom Barcelona-styled Beats that are drawing a lot of conversation in the Brasilia Room.

"In Spain, a major portion of the population thinks that poker is the same as roulette," said Guillermo Sanz, a member of the Spanish poker media. "They don't understand it." He continued to explain that if Pique, who has a poker room in his house, started to do interviews about poker, it would go a long way toward helping his countrymen to become interested in the game.

The 2009 WSOP main event champ had a great summer, capturing his second WSOP bracelet. He won't get a third one. Another November Niner, Jake Balsiger, also fell short of Level 10.

I'm lucky enough to be part of the committee for this. Who do you think should be inducted this year?