Remember Kris Hogan, the Grapevine, Texas, high school football coach who asked half his fans and cheerleaders to cheer for the other team one night? Story goes, Hogan's guys were playing a prison team from Gainesville that not only hadn't won a game all year, but had to play every game on the road. So more than 200 fans sat on Gainesville's side of the field and cheered on the players by name. They made a spirit line and a banner for the team, and even sent them off with dinner and some gifts. Well, Troy Aikman read it, then made sure NFL commissioner Roger Goodell read it. Goodell thought so much of Hogan he brought him to Tampa for the Super Bowl. The Commish even honored Hogan during his Friday news conference. "I hate it that this thing that we did is so rare," Hogan said. "Everybody views it as such a big deal. Shouldn't that be the normal?"

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