Freak Celebrity Sighting

Used to be the one person I wanted to meet in the world was the great American humorist, Dave Barry. Not anymore.

Got to have breakfast with him, his wife, Michelle Kaufman -- the Miami Herald sportswriter -- and their very polite daughter, Sophie, 9, during Wimbledon.

Barry is our generation's Will Rogers, only funnier. He is always funny and you have no idea how hard that is. Tragedy is easy, comedy is a bitch. And he's so regular-Joe and humble, it's impossible to compliment him. Where would you start anyway? The man has written more than 30 books, nearly all of them best-sellers.

I asked Michelle if Sophie gets his humor yet. "Oh, yeah," she said. "It's just her friends who don't." Apparently, Dave will be driving the car pool to school, give Sophie a kiss on the head and say stuff like, "OK, honey, go out there and get all C's!" Or they'll be leaving Sophie with the babysitter and he'll say, perfectly deadpan, "OK, Sophie, we'll be back about 11. Be sure to have the guns and knives put away by then." And Sophie will just smirk and the babysitter will look horrified as the door closes.

And Sophie will say, without looking up from her artwork, "That's just my crazy dad."

Yes, it is. And thank God for that.

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