Too Short For A Column

Yet another reason why Mike Veeck, owner of the minor league independent St. Paul Saints, is my favorite executive in baseball.

Just to remind you, Veeck -- son of the single greatest owner in sports history, Bill Veeck, owner of the Chicago White Sox -- is the man who has so far brought you:

  • A team pig, who brings out the baseballs before each game.

  • A Sesame-Street-inspired bobblehead giveaway night, featuring Count "von Re-Count," and the faces of Minnesota's two deadlocked 2008 Senatorial candidates -- Al Franken and Norm Coleman -- on each side.

  • Randy Moss Hood Ornament Night, celebrating then-Minnesota Vikings receiver Moss's infamous bumping of a traffic control agent with his car.

  • Necktie night, to mock Bud Selig ending the 2002 All-Star game in a 7-7 tie.

Recently, he offered up a doozy: Souvenir Cup Night. Only these weren't your usual cups. These were cup cups. You know? The kind catchers wear? The kind I'm wearing right now as I type.

The first 2,500 Saints fans (male and female) received one. Recipients were warned that the "cups were not ideal for the serving of cold or hot beverages." Got it.

"This year's been a kick in the shorts for many hard-working Americans," said Veeck. "This is the least we could do."

Love him.

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