The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

After reading your articles about the success of the Rockies and Broncos after you had criticized them, I respectfully request that you publish columns criticizing the 49ers, Sacramento Kings and San Francisco Giants. Thank You. -- Sam (Sacramento, Calif.)

As a father, for me the implications from Agassi's confession of having used Crystal Meth go way beyond whether he cheated, lied, or betrayed the ATP. To me, the tragedy is about a role model's admission of having used one of the most addictive/destructive drugs out there and being able to say he quit after a year and went back to leading a happy normal "tennis champion" life without even going to rehab? How does that sink into my pre-adolescent child's brain? "Oh, good Dad, I can try that stuff Agassi did it for a year and nothing happened! Look, he even won a bunch of Grand Slams afterward -- it can't be that bad --" Shame on you Andre, as someone who supposedly contributes to educating underprivileged children. -- Rodolfo Benitez (Houston)

Give me a break. In my eyes, (Agassi's) courage to bear the truth of his remarkable journey -- the high and lows -- only increases my appreciation of such a truly special human being who also happened to an incredible tennis player. -- Andrew Delia (New York City)

Please never stop writing. Be like Tupac and write a whole bunch before you die so your column keeps coming out and everyone thinks you're still writing it in a basement somewhere. -- Josh (Whitewater, Wis.)

Editor's note: What do you think you're reading now?

You said Matt and Marvin do not get paid. Neither did Reggie Bush. -- Mark Riden (Etowah, Tenn.)

If Matt Barkley is getting paid, why is he riding a bike everywhere?

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