The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

My attempt at a New York Times-style review of Chad Ochocinco's new book "Ocho Cinco" unlocked a boatload of contempt for the Bengals' wide receiver. Letters ran about ochenta y cinco against the man.

Thank you for your review of Ochocinco's autobiography. You forgot to mention if they included a free set of crayons with it!

-- Nick (Sugar Land, Texas)

I found the part in the article about him wanting to make condoms rather funny for someone that has four kids by three different women.

-- Mario Reasby (Las Vegas)

I long for the day when "Strange But True Hockey Stories" was considered exciting.

-- Michael Thompson (Stamford, Conn.)

I would not have him on my team even if the only other choice was a 90 year-old man with a colostomy bag.

-- Dennis (N.C.)

Everything anybody ever needs to read about Chad Ochocinco is on the back of his jersey, which features only two readable items and yet manages to be redundant.

-- Robert Black (Providence)

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