The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

My unbridled criticism of Michael Jordan's graceless Hall of Fame speech drew hundreds of emails, which ran about 60-40 in agreement. And zero percent of them were ambivalent.

How do you sleep at night after bashing one of the greatest sports figures of all time?

-- Andrew Blan (Sacramento)

Most uncomfortable speech I have ever watched.

-- Chris (King of Prussia, Pa.)

As the Bible says: "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?"

-- James (Papillion, Neb.)

Jordan's speech was merely a look into the inspiration of what drove him. He wanted to prove people wrong, and he did that. To perceive this as rude is asinine. He merely was showing what drove him to be the greatest to ever lace them up.

-- Pat (Boston)

Think of all of the games you watched of Michael Jordan that brought you joy. If his personality wasn't like it is, he would have been forgetable on the court. I still wanna be like Mike.

-- Joe Salvador (Fort Collins, Colo.)

I now view him as an extremely athletic jerk.

-- Tyler Ommen (Sioux City, Iowa)

Please stop villifying athletes. It gives people the impression that you were the guy who got picked last for pick up games.

-- Harman Hall (Marietta, Ga.)

I loved and hated the article you wrote on Jordan's HOF speech. It's very well written, and unfortunatley spot on. That's the part I hated, you being right. The speech was a slap in the face to the sport, the players and all the fans.

-- Dave (Salt Lake City)

Here's what you and a lot of other selfish people don't seem to understand, Rick. Michael Jordan's HOF induction speech is not for you. It's not for Dean Smith. It's not for the Chicago Bulls. It's not for the Hall of Fame. It's for him. He's spent his entire career being humble, biting his tongue, saying the right thing. That speech was for HIM and him alone.

-- Quentin (Cambridge, Mass.)

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