The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

Turns out the Little League in Staten Island, N.Y., isn't the only one that's been plagued by over-reactive parents. To wit:

I've coached youth baseball for eight years. I actually had a mom threaten to sue me because our catcher bumped into her son when he crossed home. She said her son had injured his spine in a car wreck, and if he got hit just right, he could be paralyzed. The only thing I could say was "Why the heck is he out here?" Good thing it wasn't Ms. Gonzalez. -- Bart Trickey (Conway, Ark.)

In the spring of 2008, a parent from my local (Worcester, Mass.) Little League telephoned on the eve of opening day to declare that I should be expelled from coaching because I dared allow teams in my league to be called Yankees. The caller's two sons were placed on a team called Yankees and was I not sensitive to the scorn, ridicule and abuse his and other children were surely to endure. The parent stated that neither he nor his sons would ever have anything to do with our program and that I would be on report to Little League International headquarters. My reply? "I'm sorry you're denying your sons a chance to play a game they enjoy." How sad when the behavior of adults drops to infantile levels. -- Paul Richard (Worcester, Mass)

I have a better idea than strapping (Ms. Gonzalez) to the shuttle and sending her to space. I think you should set her up with Alfred G. Rava. I figure those two might end up suing the pants off each other and then they'd both be out of our hair. -- Blake Byrne (Seattle)

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