The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

Thanks for the column about Jake and Elway. I met Tommy John when he was with the White Sox in the 70s and I asked for his autograph. He was traveling with his wife and son, introduced us and then asked if I could help with their luggage. I got the light carry-on. He took the heavy stuff. He asked me what Little League team I played for, what number I wore and what position I played. He autographed my book and took another scrap of paper out of his pocket to sign a second one so I, "wouldn't ruin the one in the book when I showed my friends." He shook my hand and when I looked down, there was a $20 bill in my palm. It is nearly 40 years later and I will always remember that day. Years later, when Wade Boggs was scandalized by having an affair with Margo Adams, a talk show host asked a scorned player's wife if there was any major leaguer she believed doesn't cheat, she answered, "Tommy John" and no one else. That's a five-tool role model.

—Larry Mcgrath

Larry, do you realize if you had taken that $20 and put it in the stock market, today it would be worth nearly $20?

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