Morning Links: Stadium talk

Dan Sileo of the Mighty 1090 AM radio talked with Mark Fabiani, the San Diego Chargers point man on the stadium issue, about the team’s effort in getting a new stadium built in this audio link.

Fabiani said that instability at city hall has been one of the primary reasons the team’s push for a new stadium has been put on hold.

“In the last 10 years, we’re about to see our seventh mayor here in San Diego in the election next Tuesday,” Fabiani said. “So it’s almost like a banana republic here where you can’t work with someone for very long before they’re gone and someone new is in.

“So what we really need is certainty. We need someone elected on Tuesday, which hopefully that will happen without controversy. We need someone to stick around for a while in office, and to work with us. And then I think you’ll see something happen.”

San Diego will elect a new mayor in a runoff for the office on Tuesday between city council members David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer.

Fabiani pointed to a couple factors working in the team’s favor to get a deal for a new stadium done -- an uptick in the local economy and real estate market; the ability to secure loans from the league under the new collective bargaining agreement; and the availability of city-owned land at Qualcomm Stadium and the Sports Arena site that could be used to help fund a new stadium.

Fabiani said those pieces of land could be sold or developed to help generate money to help pay for the construction of a new stadium. Fabiani appeared to indicate the team’s choice for a new stadium site would be downtown near Petco Field.

“Those pieces of land could be sold, which would generate hundreds of millions of dollars,” Fabiani said. “They could be developed, which would generate hundreds of millions of more dollars in new tax revenue for the city.

“And if you put the stadium down by Petco, you could then really remake three neighborhoods in the city -- the East Village neighborhood downtown, the Qualcomm site and the Sports Arena site. And you could do it in a way that helps generate money for the city, as well as help the Chargers and the NFL pay for the stadium.”

Fabiani went on to say that even though the Los Angeles market would be a more lucrative place to house an NFL team, the Spanos family remains committed to getting something done in San Diego.

“Dean Spanos and his family have shown tremendous commitment trying to keep this team here,” Fabiani said. “They’ve had plenty of opportunities to try and move this team to Los Angeles, which obviously is a far bigger and more lucrative market.

“Ed Roski has had a stadium deal that’s been ready to start construction since 2008. They’ve had a proposal in downtown L.A., and many other proposals. But Dean and his family have done everything they can to keep the team here.”

Fabiani said the team would like to get a stadium proposal in front of voters by early 2015.

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