Morning links: Owners meetings

Good morning. ESPN’s John Clayton highlights some of the main topics NFL owners should address during meetings that will take place this week in Orlando, Fla.

Clayton writes that a total of 21 rule changes, bylaw proposals and resolutions are up for discussion. The topics include moving extra-point attempts back to the 25-yard line, moving kickoffs to the 40-yard line, expanding game-day rosters and centralizing replay officiating in the New York office.

Among the changes up for the debate, expansion of the game-day roster from 46 to 49 is needed. A prime example of the need for that rule is when the San Diego Chargers were down to just five healthy linemen against Jacksonville last season.

Now, San Diego coach Mike McCoy had the option of carrying more offensive linemen on his game day roster. But I feel like the argument of using more than 46 players on game-day roster creates a competitive disadvantage for weaker teams is archaic.

If a team is paying 53 guys to be on the team’s roster for the regular season, they should be able to use them during the game.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas talks with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who says the NFL is 10 years from explosion because of greedy owners. Cuban considers the expansion of the NFL’s TV package to play on days other than Sundays and Mondays poor business, which could lead to the dilution of the product. According to Clayton, the NFL’s revenues soared past $11 billion, ratings remain high and the league continues to grow revenues.

“I’m just telling you, pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered,” Cuban said. “And they’re getting hoggy. Just watch. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. When you try to take it too far, people turn the other way. I’m just telling you, when you’ve got a good thing and you get greedy, it always, always, always, always, always turns on you. That’s rule number one of business.”

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes that the battle for the Los Angeles market could be a three-team race between the Rams, Raiders and Chargers.

Former NFL player Matt Bowen writing for Bleacher Report breaks down the positions and responsibilities for a 4-3 defensive front, along with the difference between a 4-3 over and a 4-3 under. Good read.

Ricky Henne of Chargers.com profiles NFL draft prospect receiver Kelvin Benjamin of Florida State.

Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post cycles through some of the draft prospects who improved their draft stock with good performances at pro days. Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix and Florida State defensive tackle Tim Jernigan could make some sense for San Diego.